Tyrolit has a duty to the future.

We accept responsibility and play our part in the sustainable development of the economy.


Tyrolit is committed to sustainability as part of its core values. As a Group, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are critical to our success. We strive to ensure that all our activities have a positive impact on people, the environment and society as a whole.


Our goal is to be a productive and responsible member of society. In doing so, we focus on respect for human rights and the careful use of resources. We attach great importance to providing our customers with high-quality and safe products and services as part of a sustainably optimised value-added chain. Active sustainability is a key focus for all internal and external stakeholders and creates the basis for a strategic sustainability policy in all business units.


To this end, we work throughout the Group with long-standing and reliable suppliers who share our values, as well as with responsible, qualified employees and with customers for whom sustainable action and quality are important.

Harmonious coexistence with our environment
and with all local residents is important to us.

Contact us here with any questions, concerns or complaints regarding our sites. Your needs are our concern.

Our strategy


To further pursue our vision of a world in balance and to jointly build and implement structures and processes at all sites, we have defined a Group-wide corporate strategy.

This strategy includes the seven internal action areas that map our sustainable orientation, continuous further development in relation to the SEAM certification and support for the EU Roadmap 2050.



  • Meeting customer requirements for product, process and service quality
  • Having a strong innovative spirit and regularly sharing information with research institutes
  • Continuous improvement of business processes in all areas
  • Stringent product safety standards
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  • Cooperation with suppliers based on fairness and partnership
  • Considering ESG-criteria when assessing and selecting our suppliers
  • Performing regular risk analysis
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  • Careful use of resources
  • Ongoing evaluation of energy consumption, enhancement of energy efficiency and enforcing alternate energy
  • Protecting the environment through measures to reduce emissions
  • Waste prevention, with a focus on reuse and recycling
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  • Providing a safe and appreciative working environment
  • Respect for freedom of expression and assembly
  • Actively supporting and further developing all employees, as well as promoting equality
  • Internal reporting channels for a whistleblowing system have been established
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  • Communicating openly with all external and internal interest groups
  • Treating others with appreciation and mutual trust
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  • Upholding our moral values, particularly in relation to human rights and children’s rights
  • Complying with and verifying all legal requirements in the company and our supply chain
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  • Effectively managing risks and opportunities, both through preventive strategy and in ongoing operations
  • Certified Business Continuity Management system for comprehensive crisis management
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SEAM certification


In the spirit of responsible cooperation, Tyrolit played an active role in initiating the sustainability certification brand SEAM. SEAM stands for Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers and also certifies our competitors. SEAM is based on the three pillars Environment, Labour and Economy and covers all areas of sustainable corporate management in the abrasives industry with the respective subcategories. We have been SEAM certified since 2021 and align our actions with the jointly developed guidelines on a daily basis.


SEAM certification guarantees a high level of standardisation when it comes to quality, safety, excellence and the environment and supports the successful positioning of the company in a rapidly changing world. It empowers the mission of broad-based sustainable corporate management and makes sustainability a business opportunity and competitive advantage in the abrasives industry. Tyrolit sets itself six goals each year, the achievement of which is verified by the SEAM certification.

Our roadmap to 2050 to meet EU targets


Another pillar of our sustainable corporate governance is the implementation of numerous initiatives to meet the requirements of the European Roadmap 2050. As a productive and responsible member of society, we want to continue to actively contribute to the positive implementation of EU targets such as a net carbon-neutral European industry.


We have already implemented the following initiatives:


  • The Tyrolit Group currently saves 700 MWh per year through photovoltaic systems – from Australia to Thailand to the Czech Republic. A further 3,500 MWh are to be added in Tyrol. On the one hand, this reduces CO2 emissions and, on the other, makes us more resilient – especially in conjunction with other innovative ideas in energy management.


  • At the Schwaz site alone, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 59% since 2006.


  • We obtain our electrical energy for the Schwaz site from resource-conserving energy sources such as hydroelectric power and photovoltaic systems.


  • We converted all internal logistics at the Schwaz site to e-trucks as of June 2022.


  • At the Neuenrade site in Germany, we implemented an energy efficiency project in 2022 – including the construction of a combined heat and power plant, a central cooling system and a lighting concept with an annual saving of 46.1% in relation to current CO2 emissions.


  • Throughout the Group, we are investing in the switch to LED.


  • We have a Group-wide team working on further process and infrastructure improvements as well as solutions for greater use of alternative energy.


  • Innovative ideas are being further developed so that our products contribute to active climate protection.


  • We are optimising our Group-wide packaging process.


  • Many small, proactive actions in various areas, such as promoting local biodiversity with a wild bee hotel, the Clean Jizera Project, cooperation with sheltered workshops, the provision of our company fire brigade for operations outside the Tyrolit premises, a bike leasing campaign for our employees, a 24/7 information service for the local community, and much more.


These measures not only ensure Tyrolit’s long-term success, but also make us a strong and reliable partner for all stakeholders.