Stronger together

In a world characterised by constant change and technological innovation, we at Tyrolit have always been aware of the immense importance of the interaction between skilled people and high-quality tools.
This synergy offers enormous potential for achieving top performance and setting new standards. Our main target groups, the diverse sectors of the metal industry and the broad-based construction industry, are the driving forces behind our ambition for success. We understand the needs and challenges of these sectors and are committed to providing them with the best solutions to achieve their goals and realise their projects successfully.

Shared strength through collaboration

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Our success is based not only on high-quality products, but also on the commitment and expertise of our employees. As a strong partner to the industry, we strive to work together to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Tradition and progress

With over a hundred years of experience we are proud of our successes, our tradition and our roots. Through continuous research and development, we remain at the forefront of technology.

As a leading supplier of abrasive tools, we see ourselves as experts for those who want to achieve the best in their field. Our customised solutions are designed to help our customers maintain or strengthen their position. We build on innovative and collaborative approaches to give them a sustainable competitive advantage and enable them to offer leading solutions in their markets.

Versatile influence

Tyrolit is present in numerous industries worldwide, from the automotive industry to medical technology. Our products play an important role in the manufacture of high-quality end products. But we are also present in everyday life, as grinding processes play a crucial role in many areas. We are constantly looking for new applications and solutions.

Investing in the future

We not only invest in our products, but also in the skilled labour of tomorrow. Over 100 of our employees are involved in research to advance the future of grinding technology. Through close collaboration with universities and machine manufacturers, we ensure that we are able to meet the changing demands of the market. Our investment in research and training not only contributes to our own success, but also strengthens the entire industry.

Strong technological developments require equally strong collaboration. At Tyrolit, we combine human expertise and passion with high-quality machines and the right tools.