A new chapter:
Commitment to sustainability and innovation

Despite the economic challenges in Europe, Tyrolit is expanding its sites instead of moving to cheaper production countries. The new site in Italy is a masterpiece of a company building that reflects and celebrates the hard work and hospitality of the entire team.

QUATTRO: A step into the future

Tyrolit is writing a new chapter in the heart of the Alps. We are investing 15 million euros in Schwaz to expand the production area and set new standards for innovation and sustainability. Under the project name Quattro, the plant in Stans is growing by over 1,000 m². Quattro means four in Italian and reflects the importance of this number for us. The plant in Stans stands for the four strategic pillars - customer, performance, technology and quality - as well as the four product groups - resin-bonded, metal-bonded, ceramic and electroplated abrasive products - which form the basis of our success. We also ship our high-tech products in all four points of the compass. Driven by innovation and growth, with a clear focus on customers, performance, technology and quality, this marks a new era.

Maisach: Small, but exemplary

A building is being constructed in Maisach that fulfils the latest sustainability standards. With timber construction and a PV system on the roof, it is a symbol of environmentally conscious behaviour.

A future that we shape together

Tyrolit remains true to its roots while setting new standards for the industry. Together we are shaping a future full of innovation and sustainability.