Since Swarovski was founded in 1895, expertise in grinding has made a significant contribution to the success of crystal production. Tyrolit was founded as an independent company in 1919 and since then has become the core brand of the international Tyrolit Group.

TYROLIT - Brand - Tyrolit

Swarovskistraße 33
6130 / Schwaz

In the 100 years since Tyrolit was founded, the Tyrolean company, on the basis of its expertise in precision grinding of crystal, has developed into an international industrial company with grinding solutions for a variety of industries. A passion for technology and many years of experience in the production of high-quality grinding tools are still the basis for the success of the Tyrolit brand.

Product range

  • addStandard range of precision tools
  • addIndividually manufactured precision tools
  • addSuperabrasive grinding tools
  • addVitrified grinding tools
  • addResin-bonded grinding tools


  • addAutomotive industry
  • addTransmission industry
  • addFoundry industry
  • addSpecialised trade
  • addConsumer goods
  • addBearing industry
  • addTurbine industry
  • addMedical industry
  • addPrecision industry
  • addSteel industry
  • addSteel and plant construction
  • addTooling industry