From 15 June 2022, three emission-free e-trucks from MAN will handle internal transport between the Tyrolit plants in Schwaz, Stans and Vomp.

David Hawel


From 15 June 2022, three emission-free e-trucks from MAN will handle internal transport between the Tyrolit plants in Schwaz, Stans and Vomp. They will replace the journeys previously made with combustion engines. The savings of the e-vehicles amount to 58 tonnes of CO2 per year – the switch, with the accompanying reduction in emissions and noise, represents an essential step in Tyrolit’s ongoing sustainability initiative. With Tyrol’s first e-truck fleet, the leading technology company is making an active contribution to improving the quality of life around its headquarters in Schwaz with its approximately 1,200 employees.

Another building block in the sustainability initiative of the leading Tyrolean company

“The commissioning of electrically powered trucks is an important step within the scope of our ambitious sustainability initiative. In Tyrol, Tyrolit is the first, and one of ten companies across Austria, to have zero-emission transporters in daily use,” CEO Thomas Friess was pleased to say on the day the new e-truck fleet was commissioned at the headquarters in Schwaz. “As a leading Tyrolean technology company, Tyrolit focuses on sustainable action in all areas. In addition to our future contribution to climate protection at the main site, we are already meeting this requirement worldwide with technologies and innovative solutions for various industries.” Tyrolit products such as cutting discs for the dismantling of nuclear power plants, cup wheels for the maintenance of the Austria-wide rail network or grinding wheels for the surface treatment of wind turbines are already in use internationally.



Pioneering work for more eco-friendliness in Tyrol

“We want to work with companies to improve sustainability in Austria and are proud to have started and implemented this pioneering project with Tyrolit,” explains Daniela Hartner, Sales Manager at MAN Austria, “the savings achieved are 58 tonnes of CO2 and 220 kilograms of nitrogen oxides per year. In addition to the important exhaust gas reduction, internal plant traffic can be handled quietly in future.”


The Tyrolit pioneering project was initiated back in 2021 and has now been successfully implemented with the corresponding funding from public partners – including regional partner EMPL, which implemented the customised truck superstructures. In the future, specially trained logistics employees will deliver production materials, hazardous substances, spare parts for machines and express transports between the plants and office buildings at the Schwaz, Stans and Vomp sites.




1,080 emission-free and almost noiseless horsepower

The weight of the functional and agile MAN eTGE small truck is 3.5 tonnes, the electric motor has 360 hp and a torque of 3100 NM. The range of one battery charge is 190 kilometres, the top speed is 89 Km/h. Thus, with a daily mileage of 60-80 kilometres, it is perfectly suited to the range of tasks in the regional area of operation or in urban traffic.


The two MAN eTGM 26.360 electric trucks each have a maximum permissible gross weight of 26 tonnes, their electric motor has an output of 264 KW (equivalent to 360 hp) and a torque of 3100 NM. Their range is 190 kilometres with a maximum speed of 89 km/h on one battery charge.  They are charged at a 20 KW wallbox, which is fed with pure green electricity from TIWAG. In addition, the e-trucks delight with lower operating costs due to their lower energy consumption, maintenance, insurance and taxes.