The respective structure of the ski base and the edge influence the gliding and carving characteristics of the ski and, perfectly prepared, are an important success factor for the racers.

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As a global leader in grinding and dressing tools, Tyrolit is a specialist when it comes to the high-precision machining of surfaces. The base of a ski represents the contact surface between the ski and the snow and is therefore a decisive factor influencing the performance of the equipment. The respective structure of this surface and the edge influence the gliding and carving characteristics of the ski. Special base structures, perfectly adapted to the respective conditions, ensure an optimum result.

16.12.2022, Saslong, St. Christina, ITA, FIS Weltcup Ski Alpin, Super G, Herren, Besichtigung, im Bild Werner Franz (ÖSV Speed Trainer) // Werner Franz (Coach Ski Austria) during the Inspection of the track for the men SuperG Race of FIS Ski Alpine World Cup at thee Saslong in St. Christina, Italy on 2022/12/16. EXPA Pictures © 2022, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ Johann Groder
Fis Alpine Ski World Cup 2022-2023. Val d'Isere (FRA) - 10/12/2022 - Manuel Feller (AUT) Photo: Gio Auletta/Pentaphoto

Tyrolit Life edge tuning set in the middle of the World Cup action – Mendel Mulkay, Nina Ortlieb’s service man, was still fine-tuning the perfect set-up until shortly before the start, which ultimately led the Austrian to the silver medal.


Tyrolit has played a role in the ski industry since its foundation over 100 years ago. Back in the days when skis were made entirely of wood, our grinding tools ensured sharp saws and planes.


Essentially, Tyrolit know-how and the grinding tools play a role in three phases of a ski: in production, on the service machines of the racing departments or in winter sports shops and in manual edge tuning on site or in the private cellar.


Since the invention of synthetic bases and the use of steel edges, the demand and importance of grinding tools has increased exponentially. Even in the manufacture of modern skis, Tyrolit products are directly involved in finishing the bases and edges.


The finished skis are then made ready for use again and again, as required, by experienced service people using service machines specially developed for the ski industry. To do this, Tyrolit’s ceramic grinding wheels are dressed with the corresponding diamond tools. This means that the required structure is transferred to the grinding wheel. This wheel is then used to “copy” the structure required for the particular snow conditions onto the ski base.


Tyrolit is in direct exchange with machine manufacturers for the ski service industry as a solution partner. Products are jointly developed and customised. Almost all well-known ski manufacturers have also relied on Tyrolit’s expertise for decades. Individual requirements are evaluated directly by application engineers.

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The long-standing exchange between the ÖSV and Tyrolit has ultimately also led to another product. The idea of making industrial grinding knowledge tangible led to the development of the edge tuning set. With the intuition of the ÖSV experts, it is possible to fine-tune the skis right before the race and apply different angles to the edges. Since 2019, the cooperation has also been present in the World Cup through the partnership. Many may have already discovered the Tyrolit Service Station at one race or another. This service station is set up specifically for tuning and finalising skis in the start area of a race and is available to the athletes. Many factors play an important role in the choice of the final polish and tuning of the skis, such as the respective discipline of the competition, the skiing style of our athletes and the current conditions of the slopes. This is where our service staff regularly prove their knowledge and skills.

In the ORF World Cup Studio on Sunday 12 February, the invisible heroes of the racing successes had a chance to speak. TV Clip only in German.

Private customers can also purchase the professional set from the Marke Tyrolit brand and bring over 100 years of sharpening expertise into their own ski cellar. You can also get tips and tricks from our service professionals.

Die Jahrelange Zusammenarbeit des ÖSV und Tyrolit ist dank der Leidenschaft und eines regen konstruktiven Austausches ein wesentlicher Faktor im Erfolg unserer Skiheldinnen und -helden. Wir gratulieren allen Athletinnen und Athleten und vor allem unseren ÖSV-Stars, die ein Medaille mit nach Hause bringen.

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Tyrolit life edge tuning set


Whether you are an amateur winter sports skier or a professional racer, sharp edges that provide a good grip even on icy surfaces are a prerequisite for fun, safety and success on the slopes. With our high-quality 10-piece edge tuning set, ski and snowboard edges can be worked on individually and effectively.


Ob Hobby-Wintersportler oder Profirennläufer- scharfe Kanten, die auch auf eisigem Untergrund für guten Halt sorgen sind Voraussetzung für Spaß, Sicherheit und Erfolg auf der Piste. Mit unserem hochwertigen 10-teiligen Kantentuning Set können Ski- und Snowboardkanten individuell und effektiv bearbeitet werden.