The tooling industry is one of the most important sectors within the metal industries and includes a broad group of companies that process a wide range of materials into end products.



Producers of shank tools and saws as well as manufacturers of inserts made from carbide, ceramics and so-called advanced materials such as polycrystalline diamond all count among our customers in this varied industry.

Trends and innovations


Two growth drivers for the tool industry are the increasing global demand for mobility as well as the ongoing development of everyday electronics. Airplanes, engine and transmission components are needed in ever larger quantities. This increases the need for tools for their production and maintenance. Components installed in powerful smartphones, tablets and computers are getting lighter and smaller. For their production precise micro tools, punching and bending tools are essential.


The trend towards lightweight construction and the reduction of sizes is leading to the use of new materials in production that are especially difficult to process. As a result, the requirements for stock removal tools used to machine these materials are also increasing.

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Expertise and solutions for the tool manufacturing industry

As a system supplier in the tooling industry, we know all production processes and develop particularly cost-effective grinding processes together with our customers. Especifically for tool grinding, we offer first-class solutions for all applications in the production process.


Based on the requirements of our customers, we supply grinding tools for the production of carbide or HSS shank tools that optimally meet the high expectations in terms of process performance and tool quality.

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