The TYROLIT Group is the exclusive tool partner for TITANS of CNC. For both companies ensuring the highest quality and standards is part of their corporate DNA.


Together we are establishing a Grinding Academy that brings online video-based trainings for anyone regardless of age, technical savvy or prior schooling to a new level. The newly formed cooperation with TITANS of CNC includes the production of a series of instructional videos as well as the mutual promotion and presentation of the ideal grinding setup, that will help customers and students of the Academy alike.

A unique partnership


The newly formed partnership combines TYROLIT’s extensive experience and knowledge in grinding applications with TITANS ability to address and train people working in this industry. The main aim is to provide a suitable solution for every application rather than just the tool itself.

"Technology is moving incredibly fast and it’s important to choose the best tools that will bring success not only for today but tomorrow as well. It’s an honour to partner with TYROLIT as they are considered to have the highest quality grinding solutions in the world.”

A global community of industry professionals


Connecting professionals, students, and anyone with a thirst for knowledge. The groups created by TITANS have connected millions of people to the answers they need, peers they can talk to, and the support they deserve.






educational institutions



Meet the TITANS of CNC


Titan Gilroy and his team at TITANS of CNC have many years of experience in the field of training and education. Gilroy started TITANS of CNC as a machine shop in Northern California focused on producing some of the most demanding components in the aerospace industry.

It has since evolved into a reality TV series constituting a globally recognised CNC educational platform, which has benefitted a wide network of engineers, machinists, hobbyists, students and educators.

Discover the grinding solutions used by TITANS

Startec XP P STD Front MDB

Metal-bonded grinding wheels for flute grinding


The STARTEC XP-P grinding wheels changed the flute grinding process for carbide tools permanently. Hybrid- and synthetic resin bonds could for the first time be replaced by metal-bonded grinding tools. Users are impressed by the increased material removal rates, improved wear resistance and good dressability of the wheels.

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Startec XP P Cup Wheel Front MDB

Resin-bonded cup grinding wheels for clearance and face grinding


A massive improvement has been done on cup wheels as well. The STARTEC XP-P cup wheels complete the spindle set up for tool manufacturing. Increased edge stability and a high wear resistance ensure a high quality of the processed tools.

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Startec XP P Plus Front MDB

Metal-bonded grinding tools for high performance flute grinding


The STARTEC XP-P+ series represents the masterpiece of a high performance flute grinding wheel. The intelligent choice of raw materials combined with innovative production processes creates a high quality flute grinding wheel with outstanding performance in material removal and profile retention. Ideal for mass production of cutting tools made of solid carbide.

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Startec RC 1V1 125 Front MDB

Metal-bonded grinding tools for flute grinding at low grinding forces


“Down with grinding forces” – this statement was the driving force for the development of the STARTEC RC products. A completely new composition of the abrasive layer delivers a fluting wheel which ensures low grinding forces and highest material removal rates at the same time. This product is recommended for save production of large cutting tools made of brittle carbide grades.

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1A1 100x10x20 10 6 DN543MH STARTEC HP TN408972 FRONT MDB

Metal-bonded grinding tools for gashing


High precision end mills with complex designed cutting edges require an optimum finished front geometry. Thanks to the adopted diamond qualities in an intelligent bond system with increased rigidity the STARTEC HP gashing wheels provide a very high edge stability. They are designed to run the gashing operation with straight wheels. This increases the precision of the processed tools compared to the application of cup wheels for front end grinding operations.


Rigid resin-bonded grinding tools for polishing


In order to permit a smooth transportation of chips out of the cutting zone a polished flute is requested. At the same time cutting forces of the tool can be reduced and thus its lifetime increased due to the polished cutting edges.

With the STARETC XP-F assortment we complete our offer for tool manufacturers. The combination of carefully selected micro diamonds with a rigid bond system allows a defined removal of the stock material and guarantees a mirror finish on the surfaces processed.

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