By this we mean acting responsibly along the entire supply chain. For Tyrolit, it means actively shaping processes, supplier selection and risk management in the supply chain. In addition to economical and quality criteria, environmental protection and compliance with social minimum standards are also relevant for us when selecting and evaluating our suppliers. The basis of our common set of values, which is also shared by external partners, is the Tyrolit Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which relates to human rights, energy management and environmental protection, among other things, and compliance with which is monitored via a system of KPIs. 

Tyrolit conducts risk analyses and, if necessary, on-site reviews of operating procedures. If Tyrolit believes that a supplier is not meeting requirements and expectations, it will provide recommendations for action, identifying issues for which corrective measures or improvements are required. The Code of Conduct, which is also part of the General Purchasing Conditions, also requires our suppliers to enforce compliance with the Code of Conduct in dealings with their own suppliers.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier or if you would like more detailed information: