The importance of steel goes hand in hand with the industrial development of mankind.


The versatile material has been continuously improved over time and is still a key material in many industries despite the availability of numerous new materials.


More steel was produced worldwide in 2017 than ever before – and the demand is still growing. At the same time, the production, processing and further processing of steel is associated with ever-increasing requirements in the individual production processes. As one of the leading manufacturers of grinding tools, we have extensive expertise and many years of experience as a supplier of grinding tools specifically for the steel industry.

Trends and innovations

The product developers at TYROLIT work closely with companies from the steel industry, machine manufacturers and universities. This enables them to identify trends in the market at an early stage and develop tool solutions optimally tailored to the respective production process.


As an international company we can respond quickly and flexibly to individual customer requirements.  With our strong innovative spirit and a wide assortment of specialised grinding solutions, we are a globally valued partner for companies in the steel industry.

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1.7 billion

tonnes of steel were
produced worldwide in 2017.

approx. 2.9%

annual growth in the
steel industry.

2.23 billion

tonnes of steel
will be produced worldwide in 2025.

Expertise and solutions for the steel industry

The economically efficient machining of new materials poses a particular challenge in the steel industry. Ultra-hard roller materials or cutting duplex steels require new and particularly complex tools that provide the perfect combination of efficiency and durability.


TYROLIT is the leading manufacturer of so-called large cut-off wheels with diameters of up to 2,000 mm for cutting hot steel and also has a wide assortment of super-thin cut-off wheels with a wheel thickness of less than 1 mm for universal applications involving cut-off angle grinders.

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Applications and components in the steel industry

Forged parts

Cut-off grinding is one of the most high-performance grinding processes. Since the introduction of fibre-glass reinforcing technique in cut-off tools, this cutting technology with undefined edges has greatly gained in significance. Owing to its universality and efficiency as a cutting process, cut-off grinding is immensely important in the steelmaking industry, at iron foundries and metal engineering.

TYROLIT cut-off grinding wheels have shaped the industry in recent decades and have contributed significantly to improvements in safety, efficiency and productivity.

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Wire rolling

In wire rolling mills, worn profiles of carbide rolling rings regularly have to be reground, and profiles and fire cracks ground out. Here, each profile size requires a dedicated diamond tool.

The CSS WIRE ROLL diamond disc wheel is currently the best solution on the market. We offer a fully integrated system solution, including tools for regrooving the grinding wheel and roughing stones for exposing the abrasive grain.

TYROLIT - Category - Product - Wire rolling


Our "roll pass" for grinding wire rolls is called CSS WIRE ROLL – currently the best solution on the market.


The centreless grinding process enables cylindrical workpieces ranging from a few millimetres to several metres to be cylindrically ground – with maximum precision and cost efficiency. As the first step of machining – bar grinding – a great deal of material needs to be removed. This requires rigid machine systems on one hand, and a grinding wheel which can achieve high stock removal rates on the other.

With a grinding wheel, regulating wheel and dressing tool, TYROLIT offers the complete range. By continually developing our products, we can guarantee the best stock removal per grinding pass, the strictest tolerances and finest surfaces.

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With a grinding wheel, regulating wheel and dressing tool, TYROLIT offers the complete range.


The main reasons for the success of high pressure grinding are swift and controllable processing of all semi-finished products no matter the quality. Here, the grinding wheel as an integral part is more crucial than in other areas to ensure an economical grinding process that meets all technological requirements.

Our SECUR HP for high pressure grinding slabs, electrodes and billets reaches maximum stock removal rates.

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TYROLIT satisfies all requirements with the SECUR HP high-pressure grinding wheel.


As well as innovation and technology, the regular maintenance of equipment and machines is vital for trouble-free production. In-house locksmiths carry out minor and major repairs and maintain the entire plant. To ensure this thoroughly important work can be accomplished, here too we offer high-quality tools for perfect results. In our Industrial Trade Catalogue, you will always find the right product for use in angle grinders, straight grinders, bench grinders, etc. from our portfolio of over 5,000 tools.

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Work rolls
sheet rolls

Rolls must be continually reground due to fire cracks, wear and peeling of the roll surface. Roll grinding is a special form of angular plunge grinding. It is used in sheet mills and in roll production. Up to now, grinding high-strength materials using conventional grinding wheels was complicated and expensive.

With the CSS Roll Star, TYROLIT offers the optimal grinding tool for roll grinding and, with the CBN GENIS ROLL STAR grinding wheel, for the first time a solution for shorter grinding times and improved surface results and therefore cost-effective machining of ultra-hard rolls.

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The rolls must be continually reground due to fire cracks, wear and peeling of the roll surface. Roll grinding is a special form of angular plunge grinding.

TYROLIT - Category - Product - Work rolls<br/>sheet rolls


TYROLIT has developed a new generation of grinding wheels with CBN layer and innovative core especially for grinding rolls used in cold rolling mills.