The rail is the key to the future. More and more people require local and long-distance transport, and the environmental impact must not be forgotten.



The use of rail transport is becoming more and more important. There has been massive investment in the rail network in the last ten years. Innovative high-performance tracks and modern, comfortable and energy-saving vehicles are significantly boosting the attractiveness of rail travel.

Trends and innovations

High-speed networks are being expanded more and more in response to the importance of efficiency and speed in transport. They have higher requirements for running smoothness and rail geometry, which entails increased maintenance and thus grinding effort.


To meet the growing requirements, harder rail materials are used. The quality of the new rails is impressive, with a long lifetime even with higher axle loads and increasing tonnages. Machining these materials presents particular challenges for the grinding tools and their manufacturers like Tyrolit.

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195 billion €

Global estimated market volume of the rail industry


Investment in infrastructure as a percentage of the total volume

26,000 km

Newly constructed tracks worldwide between 2013 and 2015

Tyrolit expertise and solutions for steel and plant construction

The maintenance companies in the rail industry demand the very highest quality for the grinding and cut-off wheels when it comes to their grinding and cutting applications. In order to ensure the best possible solution for your application, Tyrolit offers individually developed products for numerous different fields of application.


Innovative drive for materials: Tyrolit is already working closely with rail manufacturers in the steel industry, and can thus identify tasks in the machining of the latest material qualities at an early stage and develop suitable products for them.


In many cases, the time frame available for maintenance work is extremely tight. Together with the user, we optimise the grinding parameters and adapt the Tyrolit product to the individual requirement.

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Applications in steel and plant construction

Rail cutting

Despite extreme operating conditions such as humidity, cold and temperature fluctuations, TYROLIT rail cut-off wheels achieve short cutting times coupled with minimal effort.

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Rail grinding

Railway tracks need to be reground in order to remove signs of wear to the running surface like grooves, corrugations and other plastic deformations and ideally to prevent them.

With SECUR Rail, TYROLIT offers a wide range of rail grinding tools both for grinding trains and for manual grinding work. With SECUR Rail, we have made a significant contribution towards noise reduction in rail transport and increasing rail lifetime.

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