Resin bonded grinding wheels for HSS tool manufacturing. The new STARTEC ICE assortment was developed together with TYROLIT experts and is dedicated to all HSS precision cutting tool manufacturers. A new approach to development enables results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and "cool" grinding that were previously unheard of.

Verena Ibounig


Thanks to continuous product development, we have been able to create a new generation of grinding tools designed specifically for the requirements of HSS tool manufacturers, who are currently experiencing something of a renaissance.



Modern HSS tools, such as drills, milling cutters, reamers and chamfering tools as well as special tools of all kinds require perfect surfaces. Above all, however, they need consistently accurate geometries in the flutes in order to safely remove large volumes of chips and coolant and avoid so-called chip jam.


A shaped abrasive and a newly developed hybrid grain in combination with a new resin bond have significantly improved the cutting performance of the new tools, resulting in higher feed rates and a reduced risk of burning. A new type of grain bond also produces a highly abrasive grinding wheel surface with good stock removal ability, which leaves an excellent surface pattern on the work piece. Building on the excellent experiences with the MIRA ICE product line launched a few years ago, the same principles have now also been applied to the bond system of the new STARTEC ICE products.

The result is a grinding tool that has very sharp abrasive grains with a long lifetime, whose new type of bond supports the grain, thereby resulting in reduced wear and long dressing cycles. The bond system also ensures large grain distances and high porosity. The space required to remove the chips and for the optimum addition of coolant is therefore created between the individual abrasive grains.
Thanks to the high bond strength, the tool can be used for peripheral speeds of up to 90 m/s.


Martin Pilz, Marketing Manager at TYROLIT: »The new STARTEC ICE product line strengthens the position of HSS tool manufacturers in a highly competitive market. In the first real applications, the feed was increased from 2,100 mm/min – which was already a good value – to 7,000 mm/s and the cycle time of 7.2 seconds was reduced to just 4 seconds.« STARTEC ICE tools are currently TYROLIT’s leading-edge products for the cost-efficient machining of HSS tools.