The challenge when developing new grinding tools starts with the selection of the raw materials, goes on to the development of cores and bond systems and ends with high-precision production based on customer-specific requirements. Over 100 employees in Research & Development cover the entire spectrum of product development at Tyrolit and have been making technological history for 100 years with numerous innovations and more than 500 patents worldwide.


We are also working intensively with a large number of university institutes and machine manufacturers in order to also be equipped for all challenges on the market in the future through intensive basic research.

Our pursuit to always find the ideal grinding tool


The development of a new grinding wheel is either a response to a customer need or initiated internally in the company if an idea has the potential to improve specific tool characteristics.


Such developments can be driven by new technologies, materials and production processes, or a change in the general market conditions. It is important to define the correct target values for the future product right at the start of the development process.

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Target values when developing a new grinding tool

  • Increase of material removal rate
  • Increase of process consistency
  • Increase of surface quality
  • Increase of accuracies
  • Reduction of wheel wear
  • Reduction of fringe impact
  • Increase of efficiency