As a company we look back on a long tradition in quality management. In 1994, Tyrolit was the first European abrasives manufacturer with an ISO-certified quality management system. 

Integrated management means for us that consistent quality, environmental and safety management systems are established and jointly operated at all production locations. Through these standards, we can guarantee consistently high product and service quality worldwide for our customers.


With our integrated management system, we can make the most of synergies between different sectors, quickly identify and solve problems and compare the performance of different locations using performance indicators. In addition to regular monitoring by external certification companies, the management system is also continuously monitored by means of internal audits.

Product safety

The name Tyrolit stands for outstanding quality in every respect. We guarantee that all tools meet the requirements of the oSa and all the European safety standards. The CE marking on our machines also guarantees that they are fully compliant with the applicable EU standards. In order to make our products even safer, we are also engaged on an ongoing basis in numerous advocacy groups and bodies.



Tyrolit does not recommend the use of grinding tools that do not carry the oSa, EN13236 (diamond tools), EN12413 (cut-off and grinding wheels) or EN13743 (flap discs) symbols.

Working and operating safety


As an employer it is our task to guarantee the highest possible standard in health and safety at work. We aim to keep the risk of accidents to an absolute minimum.


Constant workplace evaluation, safety and product training, and continuous improvement of the working environment all maximise safety at work.

Active environmental management


Positive economic development is for us inextricably linked to considerate and sustainable use of natural resources. Upon receiving ISO 14001 certification in 1996, we took up a pioneering role early on in this area in Austria. 


  • Environmental protection is part of our corporate culture: Naturally, we meet all legal requirements. But we go further by making a conscious effort to continuously improve our voluntary environmental services.


  • Environmental protection creates innovation: For us, conscious environmental protection strongly encourages new innovation, with which we lay the foundation for our continued successful development. Considerate use of resources secures our sites and safeguards jobs – and Tyrolit’s technological leadership.


  • Environmental protection means securing the future: Safeguarding our long-term future without actively protecting the environment is simply not possible. Environmental protection is therefore a key theme in all Tyrolit business units.