A great number of industries require precise processes and finely coordinated components with tolerances in the micrometre range.



Rotary tools have many advantages over stationary tools in terms of precision and lifetime and are superior from a process technology point of view. Whether the razor-sharp blade of a scalpel, the precision-engineered components of a watch or the perfectly tuned edges of a downhill ski, we have the right tool for it.


The extensive field of precision mechanics includes grinding tools and processes for electronic components, the grinding and polishing of a wide range of shapes such as shaping tools or injection moulds and many steps in machine construction.

Expertise and solutions for many precision industries


As a Tyrolean company with its headquarters in the mountains, our contribution to alpine sport is a given for us. We supply large well-known manufacturers for the production of skis and snowboards. The ski surface and the texture of the surface are ground. We have been able to make the work much easier and increase efficiency in the area of ski tuning. As a result, plastic surfaces and steel edges can be ground in one operation.

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TYROLIT also plays an important role in the manufacture of numerous components in other areas of many precision industries.

  • Clock and watch industry
  • Technical glass
  • Paper industry
  • Food industry
  • Closed-loop and open-loop control technology
  • Electric appliance construction
  • Textile and leather industry
  • Metalware

When we talk about grinding, we automatically think about knives and the like. For every conceivable cutting tool, we have found the right solution for sharpening it and keeping it sharp. Kitchen knives, dinner knives, pen knives, tactical knives, axes, whittlers or chisels are just a fraction of the products that can be machined using our grinding solutions.

Application example knives


Transforming a piece of raw steel into a high-quality knife that takes pride of place in the kitchen and glides effortlessly through meat and vegetables involves a number of steps. It goes without saying that material quality and craftsmanship play an important role in producing the blank.


For the knife to get its appearance and cutting ability, different TYROLIT precision tools are needed that are optimally tailored to the characteristics of the material to be machined.

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