To modernise one of the blocks of the Romanian nuclear power plant in Cernavodă, around 400 tons of concrete had to be decommissioned in a controlled manner and under the strictest safety conditions.

David Hawel


Romania’s only nuclear power plant is situated in Cernavodă, a small town near the Black Sea coast. The power plant consists of two blocks and produces about one fifth of the electricity of the entire country. One of these blocks is now being modernised thoroughly. For this purpose, around 400 tons of concrete ultimately had to be decommissioned in a controlled manner and under the strictest safety conditions.

Demolition of extremely hard concrete under difficult conditions


The Romanian company Diamond Drilling SRL, who – amongst others – used machines from TYROLIT to complete the task, carried out the dismantling. Their main assignment was to cut and remove 22 running meters of reinforced concrete walls with 4,5 m height and 75 cm thickness, as well as nine 5 m high concrete columns with basic measurements of 2,5 m x 1,5 m and 1,5 m x 1,5 m. Diamond Drilling SRL used the electric wire saws WCE14 and SB-E as well as the WSE2226 wall saw from TYROLIT to successfully complete the job.


Despite a very hard concrete quality (HPC 120 MPa) as well as bad weather conditions and temperatures below zero it was possible to cut the project time in half. The employees of Diamond Drilling SRL including the machines from TYROLIT thus proofed that even the toughest conditions are no problem for them.

The following TYROLIT products were used:

Wire saw WCE14


The wire saw is characterised by an extra-large wire store and long stroke for maximum utilisation and application for a maximum structure size of 11 m. Very finely adjustable feed with wire-conserving smooth start for optimal control of the application thanks to the innovative dampening system. The expandable modular system can either be driven electrically or – via a conversion kit – hydraulically.

Wire saw SB-E


The wire saw SB-E impresses with its plenty of wire storage packed within a compact and mobile casing featuring a powerful multiple pulley transmission. The SB-E can be driven by hydraulic power packs as well as by the modular WSE2226 system with its striking 26 kW drive motor.

Wall saw WSE2226


Developed for the toughest and most exacting applications thanks to a cutting depth of up to 1 005 mm, which is unique worldwide, the WSE2226 wall saw is particularly suitable for major cutting tasks. The pioneering P2® drive concept enables the combination of extreme reliability and optimum performance with low service requirements and reduced service costs.