For millennia, humans have worked with two of the oldest materials known to them – stone and ceramics. Over time, the tools for processing have evolved continuously.



The real estate industry and the construction industry are the main users of natural and artificial stone, ceramics and glass as building and decorative elements. All stages of the work processes require cutting and grinding tools. Our many years of experience enable us – in conjunction with machine manufacturers – to offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art grinding solutions. These are used, for example, for kitchens and bathrooms, facades, floors and for the production of decorative elements.


Glass is also used in countless areas of daily life, be it for windows or facades of buildings, furniture or kitchen appliances. The automotive industry is another area where glass plays an important role and where highest precision in processing is required.

Know-how and solutions for stone, ceramics and glass processing

In the 1990s, TYROLIT invented metal-bonded profiling tools with a closed edge to grind granite with CNC machines and developed a special wire for granite quarries that is still a market reference today. TYROLIT was also the first company to produce high-quality diamond tools for grinding glass for vehicles at working speeds of up to 40 m/s.


Recently, in an 8-month project, a machine from ROCAMAT in Corgoloin was converted specifically for TYROLIT diamond tools to prepare and work on the approximately 3600 sqm large stone façade of the Trinity Cathedral in Paris.

List of products add

TYROLIT system solutions facilitate the journey of
a countertop from the quarry to the kitchen.



The quarrying is carried out with TYROLIT diamond wires. The large, rough-cut blocks are then transported for further processing.



The next stage is also achieved with TYROLIT wire saws. In a specially designed machine, stone blocks are cut into slabs with up to 60 parallel diamond wires, calibrated with diamond-studded rollers and polished to a perfect finish.

Cut to size and installation


Now the work surface is cut to size with segmented diamond cutting discs, including all cut-outs for the stove and sink. The perfect natural stone kitchen is ready.