Tyrolit offers tailored grinding solutions and a comprehensive assortment of standard tools for customers around the world.

Automotive industry


Our customised grinding solutions are used with extremely high precision for the production of automotive parts.

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Construction industry


With market-leading diamond tools and machines, we are a competent partner for users in the construction industry.

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Transmission industry


For the manufacture of gears, we offer high-precision grinding solutions to achieve the highest possible surface quality.

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Foundry industry


Our range of innovative tools offers the right tool for all grinding applications in the foundry industry.

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Specialist trade


The complete range for grinding, cutting, drilling, sawing or other surface machining is available to professional end users worldwide from qualified specialist dealers.

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Consumer goods


With the Tyrolit product line, we bring our long years of experience in industrial grinding to the private home.

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Bearing industry


The tailored grinding tools offer cost-effective solutions for the entire bearing production process.

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Aviation and
turbine industry


We offer grinding solutions relating to a wide range of applications for the production of highly complex components with the narrowest of tolerances.

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Medical technology


With numerous system solutions and many years of experience, we are a competent partner for medical technology customers.

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Optics and eyewear


Our diamond tools for processing optical lenses cover the entire production process from shaping through to polishing.

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Precision industry


The extensive field of precision industries includes tools and system solutions for various highly specialised applications.

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Steel industry


With our many years of experience in the machining of ultra-hard materials we are a technology leader in the steel industry.

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Steel and plant construction


The tools for grinding have been developed for machining the hardest rail materials.

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Tooling industry


As a system supplier to the tool manufacturing industry, we offer particularly cost-effective grinding processes for all production processes.

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