TYROLIT offers professional users in different industries an extensive product range, whether for grinding, cutting or surface treatment.



TYROLIT is a global player in the specialised trade in grinding tools and is represented in more than 65 countries. Our products are used in a wide range of sectors – in metal-processing companies, in shipyards, in workshops and on building sites.


With an extensive network of dealers, a regional TYROLIT sales team and experienced application engineers on site, we can quickly provide advice and assistance to customers worldwide if they have questions.

Trends and innovations

TYROLIT’s regular innovations have already set a number of trends in the industry. With a close ear to the market, we are continually striving to further enhance our products. Our first mass-produced super-thin 0.75 mm cut-off wheel revolutionised the market. In 2018, the entire product range in this sector was elevated to the next level, and is once again setting new standards for hand-held cutting applications. We were also able to establish an important safety standard through the use of glass fabric reinforcement in the cut-off and rough grinding wheel sector.

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Expertise and solutions for the industrial trade

TYROLIT invented the super-thin cut-off wheel and is still the world market leader in this segment. Our range of more than 14,000 different products also demonstrates our expertise in all standard grinding applications: these range from the classic cutting and grinding of different materials to surface treatment using flap discs, wire brushes or belts.

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