The gear is one of the oldest components in the world. The first and oldest gear apparatuses were found back in ancient times.


Due to the increased strength and precision, machining processes are preferred in the industrial production of gears. Now, hard finishing with a non-defined cutting edge is increasingly used to improve surface structure. This method offers numerous advantages, especially in relation to geometry and surface quality, since the finished transmission’s power transfer is significantly increased. This increase in quality increases efficiency at the same time, which is associated with a reduced energy loss.

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The automotive industry in particular is experiencing a significant shift from manual transmissions to perfectly tuned automatic transmissions. Not to mention, electric mobility will also have a lasting impact on the transmission industry. We are constantly working on the further development of perfectly tailored processes for all steps in the machining of gearings.


The kind of drive makes no difference here. Precision is required everywhere. The primary requirement is to achieve the necessary gearing qualities reproducibly and as cost-effectively as possible.

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With a broad range of grinding tools and an international network of application engineers, we are a competent partner for customers in the transmission industry. Our tailored system solutions help to reduce the number of suppliers required and design an efficient and economical process.

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To achieve maximum performance, a transmission requires the optimum interaction of the individual components. The requirements for the machining of the individual components are correspondingly complex. Carriers, shaft components and the associated gearing all demand precise machining. Less noise, high running smoothness, long lifetime and optimised performance data play a key role when it comes to choosing the right tool.


Gear grinding consists of three processes: continuous and discontinuous roller and profile grinding as well as gear honing. TYROLIT offers system solutions for all processes involved in the hard finishing of gearings.