The foundry industry has undergone a major transformation in recent years, yet despite the stagnation in steel and iron casting it is generating steady growth with more than 100 million tonnes.



Meanwhile, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and magnesium alloys are increasingly coming into focus. Besides that, foundries have extremely diverse customer groups. Automotive manufacturers account for approx. 55% on the ferrous side and for over 84% on the nonferrous metal casting side. The second most important customer sector for foundries is general machine construction with around 40 different industry segments.

Trends and innovations

Innovative developments in cast lightweight components for electromobility and the requirement for improvements in thermomechanical properties demand constant growth and flexible adaptation of the Tyrolit grinding solutions. Seamless monitoring in the manufacturing process, from the raw material to the finished end product, enables us to produce consistently high tool quality and at the same time increase the process stability with the growing degree of automation for cutting and grinding applications.

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Expertise and solutions for the foundry industry

We work closely with customers, machine manufacturers and universities to identify trends in terms of new materials and manufacturing methods such as 3D printing at an early stage and develop products for them.


Numerous solutions specifically for the fettling process have been developed in order to improve the working conditions for hand-held applications. Innovations like the “Silentio” have made it possible to significantly reduce the noise pollution produced during grinding, while the “FOCUR SA” and the “Vib Star” have done the same for dust generation and vibrations respectively.

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Applications in the foundry industry

Diamond tools

For machining grey and spheroidal cast iron, Tyrolit has developed diamond grinding tools that minimise set-up and downtimes with extremely long lifetimes. The constant external diameter and high shape accuracy guarantee the highest precision and surface quality of the produced cast parts.

Customers also benefit from the partnership with Tyrolit with regard to working conditions. A low level of dust formation considerably increases working convenience compared to conventional rough grinding wheels.

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Fettling places high demands on the ergonomics and performance of hand-held grinding tools. All Tyrolit high-performance rough grinding wheels deliver the best results in every rough grinding application.

Vibration is also one of the greatest challenges with this type of machining. Through intensive development work, we were able to launch product versions onto the market, which expose users to significantly less vibration and enables them to work more efficiently.

With pendular grinding wheels from Tyrolit, fettling work can be performed with reduced exertion and higher stock removal rates.

We also offer expertise and application competence with automatic fettling machines for brake drum and engine block grinding or in the machining of cast parts with grinding manipulators.

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Cut-off grinding

Cut-off grinding is the most frequently used process for removing risers and sprues. Owing to its high efficiency and productivity, cut-off grinding is used in may areas of cast iron and steel production.

Our special production processes and comprehensive safety testing ensure maximum work safety and minimum noise levels. Tyrolit cut-off wheels also impress with exceptionally long lifetimes and an attractive price-performance ratio.

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