• Meeting increasing customer requirements and innovative strength

Our experts in application technology, research and development and other areas work closely with our customers and established research institutes. This enables us to drive forward the further development of our products, applications and services, and often results in innovations that set new benchmarks.


  • Continuous improvement processes in all areas  

For us, excellence means staying on the ball and continuously reviewing our business processes and improving them in collaboration with all internal and external stakeholders.


  • Quality is part of our corporate culture 

Tyrolit became a pioneering force in the abrasives industry by recognising the importance of a quality management system at a very early stage. Today, the majority of Tyrolit companies have been integrated into a common system. The management system comprises quality, environmental, occupational safety, risk and business continuity management systems and is subject to ongoing further development.

The integrated management system makes it possible to use synergies between different areas, to identify and solve problems quickly and to compare the performance of different sites by means of KPIs. In addition to undergoing regular monitoring by an external certification company (TÜV CERT), the management system is also continuously monitored as part of internal audits.


  • Quality is the key to success 

Striving for maximum customer satisfaction through ever-better solutions is critical to the success and positioning of Tyrolit on the market. Optimising the entire value-added chain actively involves employees, suppliers and customers.


  • Product safety 

Tyrolit guarantees that all tools meet the requirements of the oSa and European safety standards. The CE marking on our machines guarantees that they are fully compliant with the applicable EU standards. We are constantly striving to make our products even safer.



Note: Tyrolit strongly discourages the use of grinding tools that do not carry the oSa, EN13236 (diamond tools), EN12413 (cut-off and grinding wheels) or EN13743 (flap discs) symbols.