We are proud to announce the closing of a major agreement for the sale of more than 200 machines with Italy’s leading rental company Mollo Noleggio. All machines are already available for rent at Mollo Rental centers throughout Italy.

Ever since 1980, we have had a successful business relationship with Mollo Noleggio, which has now even been strengthened with the agreement on the sale of over 200 construction machines. Alberto Dus, Sales Director of the Italian Tyrolit Construction Division, is more than satisfied with the deal: ‘This is one of the most significant agreements in Tyrolit Italy’s recent history, and it perfectly underscores our commitment to work hand-in-hand with major rental companies by providing the machines and equipment they need to be successful in the marketplace.’


The agreement, however, does not only include the sale of machines, but also technical and sales training for Mollo Noleggio’s staff. Thus, they can further enhance their skills needed to support the end user the best way possible in choosing and using the most suitable machine(s). Apart from the outstanding product quality, this after-sales support is what customers like Mollo appreciate the most. ‘Tyrolit is one of our main and long-standing suppliers: thanks to their experience and expertise. They have always offered us solutions that fully meet our customers’ needs’, says Marco Messa, purchasing and sales manager at Mollo.

The deal with Italy’s leading rental company Mollo Noleggio comprises over 200 units of professional equipment, including:


  • Hand-held saws with the associated diamond blades: All machines are equipped with an electric motor, which are ideal for performing small demolition works in- and outdoors.


  • Stable core drilling systems with high drilling capacity, which are suitable for wet core drilling operations on surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, natural materials and brick walls.


  • Hand-held core drilling motors with effective built-in dust extraction systems for dry core drilling of surfaces, e.g. on brick, concrete, stone, reinforced concrete, poroton, or clinker.


  • Fully electric floor grinding machines perfectly suited for removing old surface coatings from concrete floors (resins, adhesive residues, paints, glazes) as well as for roughing and grinding them.


  • Electric floor milling machines, ideal for all concrete upgrading and the removal of coatings and adhesives, for roughening and stripping soils or pavements, for milling concrete or asphalt screeds as well as for preparing floors for further treatment.


  • Fully electric wall chasers with the respective diamond blades, perfectly suited for cutting concrete, asphalt, road pavements for creating expansion joints and grooves for electrical installations.

The scale of this agreement gives a good idea of how well the market recognizes the quality and services we offer. This was also confirmed by Nicola Tancorre of the Development Division of Construction Machinery and Energy at Mollo: ‘We have also always rented equipment for the cutting, coring, grinding and concrete processing sectors in all our centers. The business agreement with Tyrolit allows us to further enhance our range and continue to offer customers technologically advanced equipment with high quality and safety standards.’