David Hawel

My job: Communication Manager

My love of story-telling and the fascination for languages took me through language studies and training to become a journalist into the media sector. Having originally worked in a sports and events environment, I got into the industrial field by chance and immediately felt at home. Although I’ve only been working for Tyrolit for a short time, I had previously gained experience working for a major international industrial company, and so it feels as if I’ve already been here for a while. As part of the Corporate Team, I have an insight into all of the Tyrolit Group’s business areas. This makes me feel as if my experiences are multiplying. As I don’t have any technical training, it’s fascinating for me to always learn something new in the industrial environment. In my work, I enjoy a lot of freedom to collaborate on constantly developing and implementing new ideas, which is particularly exciting in our digital age.

My challenges

The extraordinary variety of products in various industries was a big challenge for me, especially at the beginning. Subsequently, I was able to learn more, broadened my knowledge and made new friends within the company. The challenge of getting an overview in all areas was also an opportunity for me to network.

It was always clear to me that I would enter a diversified profession that would bring me into contact with a wide range of people. What could be better for a communicative person like me than a job with "communication" in the job description?

Moving Technology. Inspiring Life

Tyrolit stands for the invisible contribution our products make in all areas of life. In my previous career I worked more with finished products, the result and application area was always obvious – this is often not the case with Tyrolit. Naturally, this also applies to some of our products, but I find the unexpected areas exciting: e.g. do you think of the grinding process when you think of a wristwatch, a crankshaft or a hip joint? We are always finding new solutions for new challenges – constant changes in technology inspire us.