Since 2014, Tyrolit has been applying its one hundred years of experience in the development of leading grinding solutions to applications in day-to-day life with the Tyrolit life product line.



Tyrolit life products combine the industrial expertise of a leading abrasives manufacturer with the aim of solving various everyday challenges in an innovative way. All products for cutting, sharpening and for treating surfaces feature an elegant and clear design. Further enhanced by superior functionality and durability, they bring the high quality of our industrial solutions to private households. Tyrolit life products are currently available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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Products overview



Easy and precise cutting works best with the right tool. That’s exactly where we decided to apply our one hundred years of experience in the manufacture of industrial tools. The result is a range of very high-quality knives that are perfectly tailored to all the tasks in the kitchen.

Knife sharpener


Industrial expertise paired with elegant design produces exceptional sharpening solutions for the home. The knife sharpener from the Tyrolit life product line, which has won several design awards, makes sharpening in the kitchen a real experience.

Everyday helpers


Tyrolit life also offers solutions for a number of everyday challenges. The versatile helpers for cleaning and polishing make numerous small tasks easier as well as less annoying and also save time.