The construction industry is one of the world’s most important industries and at the same time one of the key economic drivers.



The growing world population and the technological development are driving the construction industry. As a system supplier, Tyrolit serves customers in the target groups construction industry, construction professionals, in special construction and in the trade and rental of construction machinery.


As well as perfectly optimised machines and tools, Tyrolit impresses professional users with long-standing know-how, individual customer service, assistance with specific customer requirements and a fast maintenance and repair service.

Trends and innovations

Increasing price pressure is creating challenges for manufacturers of diamond tools and machines. As one of the leading system suppliers, we attach great importance to consistently high tool quality and strive to meet requirements in the area of automation in the best possible way.


Tyrolit has always been one of the leading innovators in the market for dry cutting applications. Also in the field of digitalisation of machines and tools, some applications have already been successfully implemented.

Expertise and solutions

In the construction industry, Tyrolit is a leading system supplier for drilling systems, wall and wire saws, floor saws and surface treatment. With numerous in-house developments over the years, we are today one of the technology leaders within the industry.


MoveSmart Technology

The MoveSmart Technology helps to process real-time machine user data at the construction site and to make it available on various devices. Service hours, error reports and pending software updates, for instance, can be recalled anywhere and at any time. This enables better planning as well as faster and more cost-efficient operation on the basis of real data.



Tyrolit diamond tools with TGD® technology enable you to work especially economically and more efficiently thanks to our intelligent TYROLIT GRAIN DISTRIBUTION system. The intelligent distribution of the diamonds ensures an evenly distributed load, optimised cooling and a constantly high cutting performance. This significantly extends the tool’s lifetime and reduces the load on the machines.



A high-frequency technology developed and registered by Tyrolit, which combines the compact design of electrical systems with the reliability and performance of hydraulic systems in a single machine. This innovative drive concept is based on the principle of drive motors with permanent magnets and enables operation at a high torque, with simultaneously reduced motor speeds. The maintenance-friendly design of the compact devices makes servicing easier and reduces costs.


Modular System

Thanks to the Tyrolit Modular System, individual components can be used for different applications. This is not only efficient and makes work easier, but also helps to save costs. One part of the Tyrolit Modular System is the ModulDrill™ quick clamping system which enables our drill motors to be attached to different Tyrolit drill rigs quickly and easily.

Tailored solutions for
customers in special construction

In addition to the wide standard range of tools and machines, we offer individual services for a variety of customer-specific special construction applications. Our experienced project services team is specialized in feasibility studies and develops customised system solutions in consultation with customers on the basis of an individual requirement profile.

Applications in the construction industry

Wall sawing


Diamond saw blades in combination with hydraulic or electric rail-guided systems are used for wall sawing. The vibration-free and gentle process permits precise work with cleaner cutting edges that do not require any expensive finishing.



  • Conversion and renovation work
  • Apertures for doors, windows and shafts
  • Controlled demolition of reinforced concrete

Core drilling


Core drilling involves making apertures in hard materials made of stone or concrete using diamond drill bits. Tyrolit offers a wide assortment for wet and dry drilling as well as tile drills. A selection of hydraulic and electric core drill motors is also available.



  • Holes for fasteners and anchors
  • Apertures for cables, pipes and shafts
  • Stitch drilled holes

Wire saws


Wire saws are frequently used for cutting work in difficult-to-reach places and for large-scale demolition projects in the special construction sector. Tyrolit offers complete solutions for wire saws, including suitable wire storage and guidance systems for hydraulic and electric drive machines.



  • Cutting extremely large components
  • Demolishing complex structures

Floor sawing


Joints are required for a variety of applications and must always be precisely cut. Tyrolit offers saw blades for cured and green concrete as well as asphalt for this. Our floor saws can be equipped with a choice of electric, petrol or diesel drives, making them particularly versatile.



  • Renovation and demolition work
  • Cutting of expansion joints
  • Shafts for cable and pipe laying

Free hand


Tyrolit offers a wide assortment of dry-cutting saw blades, diamond grinding discs and fabric-reinforced cut-off wheels for numerous applications. In combination with the matching electric hand-held and ring saws, customers can make use of high-quality system solutions at any time.



  • Cutting small apertures and openings
  • Accurate grinding of uneven surfaces

Table saws


Tyrolit saws are used for cutting tiles, support plates, clay bricks and many other things where precision is necessary. The suitable tile or table saw blades for cellular concrete, sand-lime brick, pumice stone and clay complete this field of application.



  • Machining tiles, support plates, stone, clay bricks and various construction materials
  • Used in the construction and landscaping industry

Pressing and crushing


Tyrolit pressing tools with up to 260 tonnes of pressing force as well as crushers with up to 30 tonnes of pressing force and for wall thickness of up to 300 mm for controlled demolition. This allows large and heavily reinforced structures to be crushed in a controlled and effortless manner.



  • Large-volume demolition of reinforced concrete
  • Low-vibration crushing of reinforced concrete

Floor grinding


Depending on the application, our floor grinding machines with extraction system are equipped with segments for removing surface coverings or segments for rough and fine grinding, always enabling low-dust and fast work.



  • Removing surface coatings
  • Grinding concrete surfaces

Surface texturing and reconstruction


Surface texturing through grooves is an effective way of reducing aquaplaning on runways. Surface reconstruction, on the other hand, is carried out for traffic safety reasons. In both cases, self-propelled machines are used on which up to 375 saw blades (standard configuration 245 blades) with diameters up to 450 mm per shaft are fitted. With a grinding width of up to 1 250 mm, this permits very efficient processing of surfaces.



  • Smoothing concrete surfaces
  • Grooving roads and runways
  • Noise reduction