As part of the construction of the new Lancy-Bachet train station in the Swiss city of Geneva, a concrete wall, which had been used to hold back soil during the construction work, needed to be removed in late February 2019. The job was carried out by the company Coupe Beton & Rénova in cooperation with TYROLIT. The structure was located directly next to the new train station and therefore had to be cut down carefully in order to avoid any damage caused by tremors and vibrations.

Step-by-step towards the goal


To remove the wall of three metres height and thirty metres length a horizontal cut was made along the bottom with the WCU17 wire saw, separating the wall from the ground. Also using the WCU17, the 1.2 metres thick wall was then vertically cut up into elements with a maximum weight of 11.5 tons each, which were then lifted away with a crane.

The new TYROLIT WCU17 wire saw does a fantastic job


A great majority of the cutting work was done with the WCU17 wire saw from TYROLIT. For Coupe Beton & Rénova, it was the first time they used the newly acquired WCU17. From the first moment, the workers profited from the user-friendliness and fast setup of the wire saw. When it comes to the cutting of concrete, the DWM***-C saw wire serves as the perfect complement to the WCU17, enabling an efficient cutting process. Only through the seamlessly coordinated interplay between man, machine, and tools, the wall could be removed without any problems.

The following TYROLIT products were used:

WCU17 Wire Saw


The WCU17 has an extremely large wire storage and long stroke for optimal results when cutting structures up to a size of 12.6 m. It consists of only three main components and can therefore be set up in just one minute. The finely adjustable feed with wire-conserving smooth starting and innovative damping system permits optimal control of the application.

DWM***-C Saw Wire


The DWM***-C saw wire features very fast cutting performance, high longevity and security for the cutting of concrete. With a diameter of 10.2 mm and 46 beads/m, it offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for many standard applications.