Bibielle is a family business founded in 1965. Over the years the company has grown steadily, but the core business is still the production of abrasives for surface treatment. 

Bibielle produces a wide range of products for finishing, masking and satin finishing for the best finish wherever a perfect surface is required. These include surgical instruments, aircraft engines and turbine components, guide vanes, metal parts for boats, cutlery and jewellery. 

The PA6.6 fibre is produced in-house and constitutes the main component for the three-dimensional abrasives. Bibielle is now a leading global manufacturer of high-quality unitized and convolute abrasives as well as surface conditioning materials. Committed to a clear set of principles, respecting laws, working safety and sustainability all processes have ben ISO-certified.  

TYROLIT - Brand - Bibielle

BIBIELLE S.P.A. a Socio Unico
Via Cuneo 35
12040 Margarita (CN) Italy

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Bibielle S.p.A. joined the TYROLIT Group in 2020. Through this acquisition we expanded our already extensive portfolio with specialised high-tech products for surface treatment. The Italian grinding and cutting tool specialist is based in Margarita near Turin.