Even before the invention of the wheel, humans discovered that heavy objects are much easier to move when placed on rolling logs. The principle of the roller bearing had been discovered.



Today there are a multitude of bearings that enable or restrict movements in varying degrees of freedom. Depending on the type of movement, a distinction is made between rotary bearings and linear bearings. What they have in common is the need for a surface with the lowest possible friction.


The demand for low resistance and reduced heat generation illustrates the importance of having a reliable abrasives manufacturer as a partner. Numerous components are manufactured from hardened steel or ceramic materials and demand high precision in their machining and finishing.

Trends and innovations

All modern industries will always need some form of bearing. At the same time, the percentage of so-called intelligent bearing solutions will also increase. Through greater synergy with mechatronics, in particular bearings with special sensor technology will open up numerous new business fields in the future and make an important contribution to the connectivity of machines and systems.


Tyrolit has been successfully engaged for decades in the development of special grinding tools for the bearing industry that perfectly meet the requirements for improved materials and optimised geometries.

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Expertise and solutions for the bearing industry

Installed bearings often do not have any huge intrinsic value. However, bearing failure can result in significant costs. From replacing the wheel bearing in a car to changing a bearing in a wind turbine, reliably manufactured and honed bearings play an important role in the lifetime of the overall product.


The races are of particular importance for the quality of the finished bearings. They are usually produced through a process of grinding followed by superfinishing. Numerous quality characteristics have to be taken into account at the same time. With customised products and extensive expertise, we can perfectly meet these high requirements throughout the entire production process.

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