Whether for generating electricity or air travel – turbines have now become an integral part of our everyday lives.



Global air transport has grown by more than 60% over the past 10 years and continues to be a rapidly growing market. Topics such as increasing efficiency and saving weight are becoming more and more important. Manufacturers of engine and turbine components are turning to Tyrolit with their challenges, and we work together to find the best grinding solutions.


Industrial gas turbines used for power generation can essentially be divided into two categories: The heavier and larger heavy-duty gas turbines and the so-called aeroderivative gas turbines derived from aviation and used as stationary machines coupled with a generator for flexible power generation.


As a result, many components are very similar to those in aviation and use nickel-based materials. With our specially developed highly porous grinding tools, which effectively absorb the chip and the coolant and thereby ensure an economically efficient process, we have established ourselves as the market leader in deep-cutting.

Trends and innovations

Suppliers of engine manufacturers as well as engine manufacturers themselves are investing heavily in new machine capacities. New geometries and materials reduce the weight of the engines and thereby the fuel consumption and emissions of the aircraft.


As one of the leading suppliers of grinding solutions to the turbine industry, Tyrolit has been a reliable partner for customers all over the world for years. In close collaboration with machine manufacturers such as Mägerle, Blohm, Haas, Makino, ELB and Junker, as well as through cooperation with numerous universities and industry clusters, we are constantly researching new methods for surface processing.

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Volume of the global service market for gas turbines in 2021


Annual growth of the global helicopter market by 2023

approx. 25,000

airplanes on the market as of early 2017.

Tyrolit know-how and solutions in the turbine industry

Case study turbine rotor blade: Tyrolit facilitates almost the entire process chain when it comes to the production of a turbine rotor blade. In a first step after casting, Tyrolit cut-off disks are used to remove sprue from the rotor blades. The next step is to use high-precision grinding tools for fine-tuning. And finally, in order to achieve the necessary surface quality, customers use Tyrolit polish applications.

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Tyrolit know-how and solutions in the aviation industry

Case study airliner: In the value chain of an airliner, Tyrolit grinding and cutting tools are used to manufacture many components.


Engines, auxiliary engines and landing systems are complex parts that are exposed to extreme stress and therefore allow for minimal tolerances during the manufacturing process. Manufacturers use Tyrolit‘s precision processing system solutions for numerous production steps.

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