The global stock of vehicles is projected to increase to 2.7 billion by 2050. This also increases the need for grinding operations.



In these times of mass motorisation, it’s hard to imagine our lives without cars. As a means of transport, status symbol and sign of prosperity, we can see an increasing variety of models being sold. With more than 70% added value, the supplier industry is a key factor in the automotive industry.


At the same time, the increasing complexity of new technologies requires an increasing degree of flexibility throughout the supply industry. We have been one of the leading suppliers of grinding solutions in the automotive industry for decades and customers rely on our market-leading products and know-how.

Trends and innovations in the automotive industry

As the key industry of many economies, the automotive industry is a major driver of technological progress. Topics such as e-mobility, autonomous driving, automatic transmissions and low-consumption engines, as well as the increasing number of electronic assistants, are always posing new challenges for grinding processes.

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Know-how and solutions in the automotive industry

As an abrasives manufacturer, we support customers in the automotive industry with our expertise by optimising unit costs per component for example. Shorter grinding cycles, increased dressing intervals and a stable manufacturing process are demands that we can implement economically with our grinding solutions.


By collaborating with leading machine manufacturers, we can also play a key role in shaping the development of new grinding processes. As a result, we are always on the technological cutting edge and can react to changes in the market quickly and in a customer-friendly manner.

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Applications in the automotive industry

Engine shafts


The optimisation of internal combustion engines in terms of consumption and emissions, also increases the requirements for the quality of the components used.


Choosing the right grinding tools and setting up the optimal grinding and dressing parameters are crucial criteria to meet these requirements.


With a wide range of products and a high quality of service, we help to produce high-end components and optimise component costs.

Valve and piston drive


Millions of piston engine components are produced worldwide every year. Because of this mass production, customers demand the shortest possible cycle times with consistent quality of the manufactured components. Shorter cycle times allow for a direct increase in production capacity without additional machines.


In addition, new materials are constantly being used in the manufacturing process to further optimise the engine. As a result, the requirements on know-how in the grinding process are increased even further.

Injection systems


Components for injection system are small, delicate components that are manufactured in large quantities. Tight size tolerances and short cycle times are indicative for this industry. Additionally, new technologies are constantly being developed.


We know the demands of this industry and are able to deal with the wide variety of components. This allows us to enable our customers to achieve an economically ideal grinding result at all times.