The premium grinding producer Tyrolit is setting new standards in floor grinding and floor prep with its in-house range of tools and machines for this field of application. In mid-October 2023, the old winepress room in Bächlingen (Lanenburg), Germany was the scene of a comprehensive floor renovation, in which a large part of the Tyrolit floor grinding range was used, showing best results.


The winepress room dates back to 1766 and is frequently used for various community events as well as for celebrations and weddings. The municipality requested a low-maintenance floor for the building, and so the existing floor was reconditioned in a total of seven grinding processes with diamond tools in different grit sizes. After three rough grinding steps, existing cracks were filled and, subsequently, the floor was fine grinded and polished in another four steps. As a final step, the floor was impregnated to optimally withstand future loads and to ensure easy cleaning.


The old floor consisted of different surfaces and materials, was very uneven and had cracks in some places, which basically turned out to be the biggest challenge of the project. Nevertheless, the Tyrolit team was able to complete the work within the planned time frame without any problems. The result was convincing all along the line and also the mayor was very satisfied with the final floor.

A comprehensive range for floor grinding and floor prep

The Tyrolit assortment for floor grinding and floor prep is comprehensive: from floor grinders, extraction systems and floor strippers to shot blasters and milling machines, the grinding expert offers various machines to their customers. The range is complemented by a wide selection of perfectly matched diamond tools, including metal-bond grinding shoes for floors with different degrees of hardness, as well as resin- and ceramic-bond grinding and polishing tools. Chemicals for repairing and finishing floors, various sealers and fillers round off the assortment.


Floor grinders with grinding widths of up to 780 mm

Tyrolit floor grinding machines are currently available for grinding widths of 280 mm to 780 mm. Special highlights are the powerful floor grinders FGE515 and FGE780. Both feature an innovative gear concept for maximum productivity. While the FGE515 impresses with its compact design and dismountable machine parts, the FGE780 is a self-propelled, professional machine with a water tank and a dust extraction system that can, nevertheless, be operated easily and intuitively via remote control.

Both floor grinders were used for the renovation in Bächlingen. Along the walls, the floor was additionally grinded with the compact FGE280 floor grinder, as well as by hand with the in-house angle grinders and corresponding diamond tools from Tyrolit.