Every two years, Bosch honours its best suppliers from around the world. In 2021, TYROLIT became the first abrasives manufacturer in history to receive the Global Supplier Award from ROBERT BOSCH AG. This recognition is all the more remarkable when you consider that this year a total of only 46 suppliers out of several thousand were selected from all categories.


Through our high level of performance, commitment and dedication we have received the award in the category purchasing of indirect materials and services.


From its roughly 23,000 suppliers, Bosch singled out 46 suppliers from 16 countries for an award. This is the 17th time that the Bosch Group has rewarded outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of raw materials, products, and services – notably as concerns quality, cost, innovation, and logistics.

About supplier partnerships at Bosch:


For Bosch, suppliers are also partners in development and innovation who help the company stay competitive. Bosch relies on partners who make it possible for the company to stay competitive over the long term. Partners who are willing to collaborate closely with the company can be involved at an early stage in strategies and development projects and gain useful insights into future requirements.


Currently, the Bosch Group’s purchasing and logistics volume amounts to roughly 35 billion euros. Most of the purchases are of electronic and mechanical components, but Bosch also buys resale goods, software, services, capital goods, and operating equipment. Worldwide, roughly 23,000 companies and service providers are Bosch suppliers.


“The coronavirus pandemic has shown how important a functional supplier network is for global supply chains. The winners of the Bosch Global Supplier Award play an essential part in that,” says Dr. Arne Flemming, head of supply chain management at Bosch.

We in turn want to share this award with all employees, who continued to work tirelessly and committedly even in this incredibly difficult time. It is a recognition, that all of our hard work is paying off and is a sign of our international success.


This award will fuel our passion for technology and innovation even further and drive us to excel and to strive to continuously improve.

The cooperation with Bosch primarily concerns the following TYROLIT products:



With the GENIS 2 product line, TYROLIT defines a new level of performance and a wider range of applications for external cylindrical grinding with vitrified bonded CBN tools. GENIS 2 is characterised by a high-strength bond with excellent wetting properties that securely binds the CBN grain. Low bond volumes enable very open, cool-grinding and extremely sharp specifications with a long service life.



With its POLARIS product line, TYROLIT is the market and technology leader in the manufacture of electroplated grinding tools. State-of-the-art production facilities, manufacturing know-how and application expertise are the prerequisite for maximum tool life. The smallest radial and axial run-out errors as well as unbalance reduce the lifetime of the grinding tools. With the POLARIS PLUS variant, main load zones can be specifically reinforced and the service life of a grinding wheel further increased.



With the CSS ULTRA product line, TYROLIT has succeeded in making the microarchitecture of the grinding wheel sustainable through the use of new, high-quality components and innovative sintering technology. During high-performance grinding, particularly high grinding forces act on the grain and bond in addition to thermal stress. The increased stock removal also erodes the boundary layer between the two components. Thanks to the new bonding system, a significant increase in grinding performance is now possible.