Czech construction company TRETINA s.r.o., based in Brno, has been convinced of TYROLIT quality tools and machines for many years. They have already completed numerous projects with products of the Austrian system supplier for the construction industry.



Successful drilling during reservoir reconstruction

As part of the reconstruction of a reservoir in Brno, drillings with diameters of 730, 480 and 240 mm and a length of 3.8 m were successfully completed within seven days. The drill rig BC-2, the drill gearbox DGB1000, the electric main drive motor WSE1621 and PREMIUM DSL segments from TYROLIT were used.

Silent and waterless working by means of hydraulic concrete press

In January 2020, TRETINA s.r.o. removed a total of 420 tonnes of concrete from a foundation. The location posed a great challenge, as the job had to be carried out in a company where demolition work is prohibited. Therefore, the company relied on TYROLIT’s pressing tool BTH350, which enables concrete demolition without water, noise, dust and vibrations. The Ø 200 mm drill holes required for this approach were made with the drill rig DRA500, the drill motor DME52 and PREMIUM DS640 segments from TYROLIT. They successfully completed the project within ten days.

TYROLIT wall and wire saw systems convince in bridge deconstruction

In addition, TRETINA s.r.o. has placed their trust in TYROLIT products for several bridge deconstructions. Be it to cut off or cut through a concrete framework with a diamond cable or a reinforced concrete slab with strong reinforcement. In some cases, up to 60 m² / 175 tonnes of reinforced concrete were cut within three days. The TYROLIT wire saw WCU14, equipped with PREMIUM DWM-C or DWL-CF saw wire, and the wall saw WSE1217 as well as its successor the WSE1621 equipped with PREMIUM WSL or WSL-Fast Cut wall saw blades in TGD® technology was always reliable.