Renewable energy sources are in demand and undisputedly one of the topics of the day. Not only for this reason, but also because of the increased demand for electricity in Glarus, Switzerland, the hydroelectric power plant in Luchsingen is currently being expanded in an extensive project.


The available reserves will be tripled through this expansion, which will lead to a significant increase in flexibility in electricity generation. By expanding the storage reservoirs, peak energy can be produced for up to seven hours – independently from the sun or wind.

This project also requires concrete demolition works on the old reservoir as well as openings for the connecting channels to the new reservoir. A. Eichmann Betontrenntechnik GmbH from Rieden, which has very experienced employees in this field, was contracted for the project. The tasks included sawing and drilling of both concrete and natural stone, including sawing with large blade diameters of up to 2,200 mm. For this, Albin Eichmann used Tyrolit tools and machines, as he is always happy to fall back on them: ‘I have decided to work only with Tyrolit products. The simplicity and modularity of the products convinced me,’ says the owner of A. Eichmann GmbH.

For the large number of cuts and drillings, the following Tyrolit products were used: the WSE1217 wall sawing system, the FZ-4S hydraulic wall saw with the AD-S4 drive, as well as the SK-SD wire saw. In addition, the team of Albin Eichmann used Tyrolit CD drill bits with diameters ranging from 125 to 800 mm, WSL wall saw blades with diameters ranging from 800 to 2,200 mm and DWM-C diamond wires. The result achieved by the skilled workers is quite impressive and Albin Eichmann is also visibly satisfied: ‘With the right equipment, it was easy for us to take on the challenges of this project. We are happy to use it time and time again!’